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Conversion from LHD to RHD - what is needed and how to's.
« on: June 28, 2011, 07:30:57 am »
Ok I've met a few guys lately that keep asking the same questions about RHD plus also it was asked on the wagon forum as well so I answered it.

For convertin g from LHD to RHD this is what is needed.

What I'm going to do is do a listing.  As I get stuff done on mine I'll include links and also pictures.

So I'm going to have two threads my rhd conversio n and also what to do kind of thing.

My build thread

We are going to not try and whore this one out.

It is the small stuff you don't realize about that adds up.  I keep hearing it is easy.  You will see why it is not "easy"

1. firewall at least cut from front of hood hinges to near shifter hole.  Gives you plenty of meat to remove since it is not needed versus fabbing.
(remove all 150+ spot welds, replace with rhd firewall) then weld in.

--Picture of firewall  

2. pedal assembly
3. metal support bar that goes over pedal bracket
4. column assy and wiring harness (technical ly switches are reversed compared to lhd)
5. throttle cable
6. clutch cable
7. speedo cable
8. wiper assembly and motor
9. air condition ing (all stuff on firewall (totally ass backwards from LHD stuff) as well as piping
10. cowl panel
11. hood release
12. sill trim for doors (LHD can be modded with holes and otherside filled)
13. windshiel d trim inner (for oh gosh handle) (same theory can be modded)
14. trunk and fuel release leaver ( you will also need cables to make them work)  ( I modded my fuel release cable with a hood cable)
--Trunk release cable how to
15. interior harness (if possible (goes under dash) LHD one can be used but will need to be flipped)
16. cabin harness will need to be flipped due to connectio n point is on other side now
17. dead pedal (jdm one totally different than LHD)
18. brake lines that run along the firewall (can make own or get complete set up)
19. engine harness needs to be flipped for RHD versus LHD.
20. dash
21. upper center console (different from LHD)
22. steering rack and rear subframe.

That is all I can think of so far.

I've got a link somewhere of a guy in cali (wodi or something like that) that did it.  He step by step took pictures that is what I'm trying to do with mine.  Plus also do write ups for the other idiots that want to go through this painful theory.

Yes I'm saying idiots.  I'm doing it cause of a few factors.  

Not for shows.

I'm doing it cause I'm an EFmadman and I also grew up in London.

I just want something different .
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