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most people dont pillage them for the pedal assemblie s.


They are wagons.
Yup just called PaP and they're open today?!

There's only one 88 and one 89 at the East and South locations, respectiv ely...

Anybody know what those cars look like and whether they've been pillaged already?
that blows.

I might have a spare around.

I know I have the rhd one but that is spoke for.

Bam-bam usually takes a washer and welds it on for strength on the wagon ones.


This is on my 88 std hatch:

The tearout left my clutch pedal inoperabl e, and me stranded on the side of the road.

Check and reinforce your pedal bracket ASAP.

The surface rust / miles / usage / stress from aftermark et clutch may contribut e to failure.

Telltale signs include a squeaking pedal when depressed, and occasiona lly having to adjust or tighten the clutch cable.

If anyone has a spare pedal set , let me know.

I'm sure pull-a-part is closed tomorrow.   :/
welcome to the site and your user name is now changed:)
Just Devitout8 8SI
Off Topic / Re: Looks like ECEFC is dead...
« Last post by ZCarFan on December 02, 2015, 02:33:24 pm »
I check the forum once in a while but it sure is quiet around here.

Not seeing too many of the EFs out and about on the road any more either.

what do you want your name changed to?
I am buying an 88 Civic EF SI hatchback, but I wasn't aware of that until after I created my username lol. Sorry for the inconveni ence! Simply would like to change the username or delete the account and start fresh! Will let you know more about me and the car when my account is corrected!  :D
Legal Racing / Re: My 2015 Autox thread (SCCA Solo 2, Atlanta region, SMF)
« Last post by rbwdriven on October 16, 2015, 07:48:39 pm »
Well it looks like I did ok this season:

Thanks to all the guys who didn't show up!  :P

Way to go Kenny
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