Author Topic: should i paint car using colormatched spraypaints? or get painted at a shop?  (Read 1482 times)

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i have a 1990 honda crx si,with 240,000miles, with newer engine, it runs great and has no major problems, the worst thing is the paint, its been an outside car since dont have garage and been in texas 100 degree heat.

it was painted at Maaco in 2003, (10yrs ago), with the ultra-urethane package, did a color change from white to a dark midnight blue, and painted over the plastic side moldings.
it looked great & lasted longer than i expected, but has started chipping a lot on the hood & front fenders, down to bare metal, it seems like they didnt put primer on the hood & fenders cause rest of car is fine?, theres small rust spots 1/4"-1/2" in diameter too,

i wanted to paint the hood & front fenders so it matches the rest of the car,
which is still decent, ive looked into using color-matched spraypain t products from Automotiv eTouchup. com, which seem like are good prices compared to other similar companies, ive talked to a cust svc. guy who gave me some info, but its really hard trying to estimate how much paint, primer or clear you need to buy in order to be able to paint the body parts you need ? along with sandpaper, body filler, etc ...

after adding up stuff, and trying to get an estimate, it looks like it would cost around $150 - $180, at first the main reason i was looking into doing it myself with colormatc hed spraypain ts was so it would be cheaper, but after estimatin g how much everythin g would be, its a little more than i thought, now im wondering if its even worth going this type of route ? or if i should just get the car painted at a shop somewhere thats affordabl e ?

i just wanted to get opinions on what i should do in order to paint it cheapest ?

(remember, i don't need the whole car painted really, just hood & front fenders, color matched to rest of car, which should be cheaper? unless they only paint whole cars?)

if it would make it easier, i can remove the hood & fenders and bring them to them, so they would'nt have to tape off rest of the car or anything, and just paint the body parts,

how could i find a shop to just do that for me at a cheapest price possible? i can prep & prime it myself beforehan d (to knock some of the price off?)

thanks for any advise

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Here is my theory on that.

1. Maaco's prep work leave a little to be advised.
 - they try and get as much use out of a piece of sandpaper as can be.
-  depending on the package you purchase is depending on the quality
- Thru-put is what they are lookind for.

2. do you have the paint code for the dark midnight blue?  If so makes it a lot easier.
- there are places here (autocolor) that you can give the paint code, they also take a picture of the car (near the area) that you are painting to get the best match.

Remember to get the closest panel to match otherwise you will be off.

black and white are easy as hell to paint.  Dont really have to panel match.

If you are willing to do the work then it sometimes is cheaper (but the devil is int he details)

if you are using spray cans.  make sure you take your time.  Also a trick put the can in warm water to warm the pain up.

I've painted cars before it just takes time and practice.

If you are talking about painting just a hood and a fender, prep the surface then paint it.

You will need atleast the following .

320 sandpaper (prep surface)
tac rags (remove dust)
paint  (color)
tape and paper to mask car.

you can always take the fenders and hood off and paint not on the car.


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