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Rugged Ridge Jeeps & Girls
« on: June 03, 2010, 04:36:27 pm »

"So I get a lot of emails and it is hard to read everythin g that comes through sometimes, but when I get an email that says “Subject:  Jeeps and Girls Photo Shoot”…   I was sold – didn’t need to read it just sign me up!

A local photograp her contacted us to use a few our Jeep Wranglers in a photo shoot with some swimsuit models. He is working on an car calendar and wanted to feature some offroad shots using a few of the built Rugged Ridge Jeeps. For some reason it wasn’t very hard to find guys willing to lend him their rigs for the day. These are some test shots we were sent from the initial shoot. Don’t worry there will be more pics to come as this was first round and we are currently schedulin g a multistag e shoot for this project."

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