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89 CRX Si - DOHC ZC - JRSC (Ol' Yeller)
« on: October 02, 2012, 02:52:25 pm »
So about a year ago I bought this car and have been using it as a daily driver. It was a really well-done swap and the A/C was retained, so it is a great daily (30 mpg, relativel y reliable, can get out of its own way, handles great, cheap to insure, etc.). Its got an Integra ECU (not chipped), and is utilizing the JR FMU, so its far from optimized, but it has been good.

So I've done little things to it, but have basically just been driving it.

A few weeks ago (on a road gures) it began exhibitin g the old EF hunting idle. The IACV checked out fine, as did the rest of the usual suspects, so I began to suspect a vacuum leak. Took a can of starting fluid and began spraying the possible locations for the leak, and found it was where the blower mounts to the intake manifold. So I basically disassemb led everythin g on the back of the head to get to it.

So after a little research, it appears that replaceme nts for this gasket are not readily available . Going to have to make my own. And I've been wanting to rebuild the blower snout for awhile... and swap in some braided lines with AN fittings, and replace the black box and VC breather hose with a catch can, etc., etc.

Basically a classic case of shipwrigh t's disease ("while I've got it in drydock, might as well take care of all the items on my todo list...").

So I put the original intake manifold back on it this past weekend (swapped out the alternato r mounts, etc.) to get it up and running again. I went ahead and installed the AEM CAI I've been sitting on for a few months (will eventuall y modify it to connect to the blower when I get it reinstall ed), and am now running normally aspirated . It runs great, but as you would expect, it lacks the balls it used to have, so it's going back together once I can get the other EF running as a daily and can take the CRX off the street long enough to get everythin g resolved.

My Todo list:
  • rebuild blower snout (bearings/seals/coupler)
  • new throttle body (70 mm S2 unit to replace OEM (which is showing some cracks around the throttle plate pivot points :())
  • new fuel rail (AEM - not so much for capacity, but rather to allow me to easily hook up an adjustabl e FPR)
  • Aeromotive FPR (and dump the FMU)
  • braided lines and AN fitting for fuel lines and breather hoses (one from the block using a black box delete fitting, and one from the VC)
  • 440 cc injectors
  • Chipped ECU and tune

That should get it up and running in superchar ged form again...a nd probably better than ever.

I'll get pics and such up as I go along.

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Re: 89 CRX Si - DOHC ZC - JRSC (Ol' Yeller)
« Reply #1 on: October 02, 2012, 09:04:21 pm »
You rarely see JRSC for ZCs anymore.
-1988 CRX Si v2.0 coming soon

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Re: 89 CRX Si - DOHC ZC - JRSC (Ol' Yeller)
« Reply #2 on: October 07, 2012, 09:16:55 pm »
Subscribi ng.

I've heard jrcd zc's are fun.


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